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Event signage.... do you really need it?

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

You have an event coming up and there's a list a mile long to do. One of those on your list may be signage... do you really need it? What sort of signage do you need? Lets explore this further

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Whilst your event signage may serve a specific purpose, such as directional or instructional, it should also be considered as major styling opportunity as well. Making your sign display a point of interest and decorating it beautifully makes huge visual impact. It sets the scene for what is to come next at your event. Dress the staging with balloons or flowers or both! Think about what you can add to the display to make it eye catching. Hanging it on a large stand allows florals to be easily added. Think about the space around the sign and see if you can incorporate elements like candles or lanterns, plinths or tables. These elements will all help showcase your fabulous sign and drawn your guests to admire as well as create fabulous photo opportunities.


Some signs will serve the purpose of explanation and intentions. If you choose to have an unplugged wedding for example, a clear sign stating your wishes will save embarrassment or awkward situations. Should your event be in a park, good signage will direct your guests as to the best way to make their way to designated areas. If you wish guests to park in a specific area, having directional signs will ease the process of arrival and departure. Order of event signs will alleviate guests wondering "what time does everything happen" Knowing the happy couple will have a sparkler send off at 11.30pm will ensure guests don't miss the opportunity to join in.

A Wedding Welcome sign not only announces your event to your guests but draws them in and creates a feeling of belonging. A seating plan paves the way for a smooth transition for guests as they look for their seat in an orderly fashion. Wishing well signs indicate where to leave gifts so guests arent awkwardly carrying them around all night.

Acrylic Circular Baby Shower sign on vintage stand
Small space? No problem add a tall slimline sign and highlight it with balloons


If you are unsure of exactly what signs you need for your next event, do a visual walk through of guests arriving in your head. If you were a ,what questions would you be asking? Is there an announcement of your event name? Is it clear where to go, what to do and areas clearly marked so guests can flow through and ensure they enjoy all the elements of your event. Here are some samples of signage you may consider

  • Welcome signs

  • Directional signs

  • Seating Plans

  • Order of Event signs

  • Wishing Well sign

  • Guest book sign

  • Toilet signs

  • Table numbers

  • Guest names

  • Menus

  • Event name ie Baby Shower, Kitchen Tea


The event signage you choose should match with your theme, location and event type. There is no point having an elaborate glass sign for a park based picnic with lots of children for example. Similarly if you have a wedding in a 5 star hotel with chandeliers and a ceiling dripping with florals then a wooden sign probably isnt going to fit in. There are many options for signage that suit all possible scenarios, so have a look around at what vendors offer. If you arent sure what you want, vendors will be only to happy to make some suggestions and offer options to suit both the occasion and your budget.

Your Event Signage has years of experience designing and completing signs which are both beautiful and functional. Ask now how we can help with your event signage.

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