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Size & Scale at Your Event

Events come in all shapes and sizes. You need to be able to create the perfect event whether it be an intimate soiree for 20 of your nearest and dearest or a large wedding with 600 guests.

You will have so many elements which

need to be coordinated carefully to ensure

the success of your event. The size of your event will often dictate the size of inclusions. The venue will sometimes dictate the scale of items included in the styling. These are important considerations to take into account or your overall look may fall a little flat.

When we talk of scale think about things like the below

  • The number and size of tables to "fill" the venue so as not to leave voids or indeed to overcrowd the space

  • The size of Backdrops and styling elements. In a larger event these items need to be large so they stand out. Think about adding elements like balloons or floral arrangements to make their impact more powerful.

  • Height is another aspect to incorporate. This can add dramatic scale and proportion to an event space. Think about large floral installations or tall tables with tall decorative points of interest.

  • Don't forget to look up! Ceiling installations can create amazing visual points of interest and create grandeur. A little chandelier may be pretty but add them en mass and in great style and you transform the ordinary into the amazing

Noel Nassar Events uses size and scale to perfection in all his events.

  • Signage is another area where you can add interest with scale and size. A small sign on an easel may get lost in a large gathering or space. Think about adding multiple signs and shapes and incorporate other decorative additions to make your signs a visual feast.

  • If your event is smaller you could easily just have have a printed sign on an easel for example but look at the size of the sign and the size of the easel. Is it at eye height or lower? Is the sign in scale with the easel? These are important considerations so the overall look is pleasing to the eye. Add some floral detail to again make your sign stand out. This can be a small spray or indeed a massive installation complimenting your event signage.

  • When considering a designer for your signage look through their portfolio. Explore the fonts and scale in comparison to the signage. Dare to allow them to create drama with placement and scale. Negative space can be as powerful in design as filling the space with text. Opt for

All signage by Your Event Signage. Floral displays in the above by eSquareddesignco, Inspired By Happiness and Maria Lush Floral Designer

  • Another great way to attract guests interest is to hang your signage. You can incorporate a hanging stand or even suspend your signage from the ceiling where the venue permits. Add a touch of colour to make your signage stand out. A good graphic designer will be able design a sign which matches your event theme and styling and colour pallet.

Ensure your event will be talked about for its wow factor by considering size and scale in the design and planning stages.

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